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A warm welcome to the SOONA Collection. A place where you are embraced by relaxed, beautiful, durable linen garments in a timeless classic design that inspire you to calm, harmonious moments for yourself. With our linen clothes, we want you to feel free and strong in mind. Hope you find something you like.

Our collection of linen clothes

SOONA's collection of stylish linen clothes is a tribute to all the beautiful things in life, which have a tendency to whiz by a little too fast sometimes. With our linen collection for women, we want to create and instill a sense of peaceful calmness and harmony in life. Our linen clothes are designed to create a high premium feel and we have exclusively used natural materials of high quality that are kind to our bodies and our planet. Our collection of linen clothing for women consists of linen shortslinen trouserslinen blouses, linen shirts and linen dresses in various models in a color scale inspired by nature. We also offer a collection of linen clothing for men where you will find men's linen trousers and linen shirtsNew garments are under development where we constantly work with our basic philosophy which is natural, comfortable, classic, timeless and simple.

Our design

All our linen garments are designed with the ambition to create a sense of freedom for you who while wearing our garments. Freedom in movement and in mindset where we let go of musts and enjoy the beauty in the simple for a while. With our linen clothes, we want to create just this. Simplicity, calmness, harmony and a peaceful mind. Our garments are carefully designed to give you this undemanding feeling of freedom in all movements. Therefore, our collection is somewhat oversized in style. It should not tighten, stop or encounter resistance in any movement. It is freedom we want to create. Simple, classic and timeless cuts therefore characterize our garments, with the possibility of shaping your style and your own silhouette with various tricks. For example, all our dresses come with a belt where you can easily emphasize your feminine shapes and get a more dressed-up look, or leave them hanging loose for a more casual style. It should be easy to change style and expression depending on mood, occasion, company and situation. We only offer 2 different sizes in our collections. Also this to make it easy for you who will wear our clothes. S/M is for you who are a little smaller and L/XL for you who are a little bigger. With a careful craftsmanship during the design process to ensure the feeling of freedom and nothing tight. Simple as that.

Only environmentally friendly natural materials in our clothes

At SOONA Collection we are passionate about sustainability and integrate it as a natural part of our life philosophy. So also in the development and creation of our linen garments. Our linen fabrics are OEKO-TEX® certified but also premium-certified according to the European FLAX® standard, which means that the linen is completely free of dangerous chemicals, GMO-free, has full traceability and is grown in Europe. We recycle and reuse as much as we can and our buttons are made from recycled coconut shells, which are also OEKO-TEX® certified. When we give life to our linen garments in nature's color scale, we use exclusively GOTS-certified pigments, which means that no dangerous chemicals are flushed down the drains. All garments are sewn with love and care in a BSCI certified factory with long experience and knowledge in the craftmanship of sewing in Turkey. In other words, when you wear our linen garments, you are guaranteed high quality, a fantastic premium feel and with materials against the body that are completely natural and do not contain any dangerous chemicals. We hope you value that as much as we do.