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SOONA SWEDEN AB, org. no. 559415-7777, is the company that provides the online store www.soonacollection.com. SOONA Collection is a registered trademark of the Patent and Registration Office in Sweden held by the legal entity SOONA SWEDEN AB (hereinafter referred to as "we / us"). The following conditions apply to all orders placed by the customer (hereinafter referred to as "you") with us.

If you want to get in touch with us, we recommend that you contact our customer service via e-mail [email protected].

By using this web-store and placing an order, you agree to abide by the terms set forth in this document. Make sure you have read and understood the terms and conditions before placing your order.

SOONA Collection (SOONA SWEDEN AB) reserves the right to cancel purchases if fraud is suspected. Frauds are reported to the police. We reserve the right to change these terms without prior notice to you. The condition that applies to you is the condition you approved at the time of ordering.


You place your orders via www.soonacollection.com The minimum order value is currently 99 sek. The order can only be executed once you have accepted, entered into and understood our general terms and conditions.

Purchase agreement is entered into as soon as you have received an order confirmation from SOONA Collection. This will be sent to your email address provided that the one you entered is correct. If for any reason we are unable to send your order, we will always notify you by email or telephone. Refund of such an order takes place in the same way as the chosen payment method at the time when you completed the order.

A purchase agreement is only entered into when SOONA Collection has confirmed your order and you have received an order confirmation from us by e-mail. The order is not valid if SOONA Collection (SOONA SWEDEN AB) can not determine your residential address. In individual cases, the SOONA Collection may refuse an order. We urge you to save your order confirmation for any contact with our customer service.


SOONA SWEDEN AB, org. no. 559415-7777, is responsible for personal data and responsible for the processing of your personal data. We process your personal data in order to, for example, be able to deliver your order or receive your payment. We can also use your personal information to send you marketing via email, SMS or postal mailings and offer you personalized offers based on your purchase history and the goods you have shown interest in. Complete information on how the SOONA Collection handles your personal data, your rights and how you can exercise these can be found under our Privacy Policy

A member refers to a person who has registered with the SOONA Collection. The membership applies to all current and future purchases at SOONA Collection. The membership is valid until further notice and can be terminated at any time. To terminate your membership, this is administered under "My pages". As a member and customer, the utmost care must be taken with your username and password.


All prices on our website are displayed in Swedish kronor (SEK) or in any other currency of your choice. The prices stated on SOONA Collection's website apply at the time of purchase. All product prices in the SOONA Collection range are stated including VAT. Stated shipping prices apply to shipping within Sweden, or shipping price of your country choice selected at the checkout. We reserve the right to change prices and reserve the right to miswrite price information and any final sale. SOONA Collection applies rounding to an even one krona in connection with payment. In the event of late payment, a reminder fee of SEK 60 will be charged, which will be charged by our partner Klarna.


You can pay for your purchase on the SOONA Collection according to the payment methods listed below.

SOONA Collection offers payment via Klarna and with Klarna Checkout you can choose between paying directly with a card or bank account, getting the goods first and paying later, or splitting the payment and paying a little now and then. For this method of payment, Klarna's current payment terms apply, which you will find here Villkor med Klarna

Once the incoming payment has been posted to SOONA Collection, the delivery will be sent to you. SOONA Collection does not charge any extra fee when you use this form of payment. In the event of late payment, a reminder fee of SEK 60 will be charged, which will be charged by our partner Klarna.


SOONA Collection offers payment via Swish. When you make a purchase on a device that has Swish, the payment information is sent immediately and you only need to approve the purchase and sign it with Mobile BankID. Once the incoming payment has been posted to SOONA Collection, the delivery will be sent to you. SOONA Collection does not charge any extra fee when you use this form of payment.

Credit Card

SOONA Collection offers payment via traditional debit cards using Stripe or Paypal. You need to enter your card details and payment will be made directly with your chosen payment card.


* Shipping SEK 69, free shipping on purchases over SEK 1500 (within Sweden).

Delivery time
Products are sent from our warehouse within 0-3 working days. The shipping companies' transmission times vary depending on the place of residence and can therefore vary. Normally, orders are delivered within the number of working days stated on the website (1-5 working days for stock items within Sweden).

Choice of delivery
When your order is sent from our warehouse, you will receive a delivery confirmation with complete information where you can track your order. Packages are sent directly to your chosen delivery point where it is stored for 14 days. if not picked up during these 14 days, the parcel will be returned to us and you will be charged for not picked up parcel. You will always receive an email, notice or SMS informing you when and where you can pick up your order. For the shipping methods where ID document is required, we ask you to present a valid identification at pick up.

Un-redeemed package
If you have not picked up your package within the specified days for the package's time at the delivery point, we will be forced to charge you a fee. The fee includes the overheads incurred in connection with your un-redeemed purchase, currently. 150 sek. If you wish to exercise the right of withdrawal, we would like you to first notify us of this as an uncollected package does not fall into this category. Please read more under section 7 (Right of withdrawal).

Complaints upon package received
SOONA Collection is responsible for your order until you have received it. If you discover any damage to the shipment, this must be reported as soon as possible before you open it to the SOONA Collection. If you suspect that an item is missing in the shipment or that the seal is broken, it must be reported to the delivery point immediately.


For your purchases, the right of return and exchange applies for 14 days. During this period, you can return the goods you have received without obligation. In that case, you must return the goods undamaged, unused and with all labels left in the garment. The easiest way to exercise your right of withdrawal is to use the enclosed return slip and customer return slip that accompanies your delivery (within Sweden). Fill in the return slip as complete as possible and return the goods together with the return slip to us. The item / items are then returned well packaged and in original condition by simply pasting on the customer return slip that accompanies your delivery. You can also use the Swedish Consumer Agency's remorse form if you prefer.

Ladda ner konsumentverkets ångerblankett här.

If you have purchased outside Sweden, you are responsible for the return delivery and to organize the return delivery yourself. You as a customer have the financial responsibility for your return to us. 

We will refund all payments from you without undue delay and in any case no later than 14 days after we were informed of your decision to cancel your order. We use the same payment method that you used for your order when we make a refund to you. This will not incur any additional fees for you. We have the right to wait with the refund until we have received the goods or you have provided proof that you have returned the goods.

You must return the goods or return them to us within 14 days from the date you informed us of your wish to cancel your order. When exercising the right of withdrawal, you as a customer are responsible for the cost of return shipping. If you use the enclosed return slip that you receive from us together with the customer return sticker, the return cost will currently be 69 Sek. The amount is automatically deducted from the value of the goods we refund you. On the amount to be refunded, we have the right to deduct an amount corresponding to the depreciation of the product to the extent that the reduction in value is due to you as a customer having handled the product to a greater extent than is necessary to determine the condition of the product.


You can change to another size free of charge of the same item. If you exercise the right of exchange, you pay the return shipping but do not pay a new shipping fee for your new size that is sent to you free of charge.

If you want to exercise your right of return or exchange, we ask you to return the item / items in their original condition. In the case of a complaint, this is not always possible, see more under section 9 (Complaint). Attach the return slip that accompanies your delivery as complete as possible, please state the reason for return. If the product is not in a substantially unchanged condition, a deduction can be made for any depreciation is made on the return amount. If you exercise the right of return or exchange, the return fee (currently SEK 69) will be charged afterwards if you have chosen to use SOONA Collection's customer return slip that accompanies your delivery. It is easy to paste on the package in case of any change / return. If you order more than one item and do not return all of them, the shipping fee will not be refunded as the fee is the same regardless of the number of items ordered. If an item is damaged or faulty, SOONA Collection pays for this return shipping. In the event of a change / return, you are responsible for the transport risk. Therefore, remember to always save the delivery note from your purchase together with a delivery receipt from the agent where you left your return if something should happen to the shipment on the way back to the SOONA Collection.


Happens as soon as the return is received, but no later than within 14 days. The refund is made in the same way as when the order was placed. If you have paid by card payment, it can take 2-5 banking days before repayment takes place after the case has been processed at SOONA Collection. This is so that all parties, including the bank, can carry out the transaction.

Reasonable returns

For environmental reasons and to be able to continue to offer competitive prices and good service, we are constantly working to reduce the amount of unnecessary returns. We therefore emphasize you to rethink before you push the shop button. The majority of our fantastic SOONA Collection customers return a reasonable amount of goods. But it happens that some customers order and return remarkably large quantities of goods, more than even the most loyal customer would do.

If we discover an unusual pattern of purchases and returns; for example returns of used goods, or returns of large quantities of goods, we may need to close your account and / or limit your payment methods with us. If this happens to you and you believe that we have made a mistake, we ask you to contact us so that we can review the situation together with you.


SOONA Collection applies current consumer legislation. If you have received an item that is damaged or incorrect, we ask you to notify us as soon as the error is discovered directly to our customer service [email protected] for a first complaint assessment. A message sent within two months after you discover the error is always considered to have been submitted on time. In the event of a transport damage or a missing item, the information must reach the SOONA Collection immediately. Read more about this in section 6 (Delivery). In the event of an approved complaint, Soona Collection bears the return cost.

Refunds are made in the same way as when the order was placed. If you have paid by card payment, it can take 2-5 banking days before repayment takes place after the case has been processed at SOONA Collection. This is so that all parties, including the bank, can carry out the transaction.


SOONA Collection always strives for the highest customer satisfaction. If we can not reach an agreement where you feel satisfied, you have the opportunity to take the matter to the General Complaints Board (ARN). We always follow their advice. You can find ARN directly via www.arn.se

The Consumer Purchase Act, which safeguards your interests as a customer, naturally applies when you shop with us.


Some discounts and offers only apply to members of the SOONA Collection and login may then be required to use a discount code. Note that discount codes always need to be entered exactly as they appear. The price is adjusted according to the discount associated with the specific discount code. Validity and conditions are stated in connection with the discount code. The discount applies at the time of purchase and can not be transferred to exchanges or future orders. This also applies to temporary offers as the price only applies to a certain time or day. If the discount is not deducted correctly in connection with your purchase, please contact us before completing your order.

It is not possible to combine different discount codes with each other or together with the use of gift cards.


We always strive to show our products in the most accurate way possible. This includes, for example, color reproduction or measurements. All image information should be considered as illustrations and can not be guaranteed to reproduce the exact appearance of the product. The color reproduction may vary depending on your particular device or screen.

The measurements shown for the garments at SOONA Collection are approximate and give you guidelines within which size suits you best. Soona Collection reserves the right to make printing errors in text, images and errors in product specifications on all products in the range.

SOONA Collection reserves the right to sell a product at any time.


Our policy regarding personal data and data that we store is based on GDPR - General data protection regulation which replaces the previous PUL - Personal Data Act.

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Company registration number: 559415-7777
VAT number: SE559415777701


SOONA Collection is not liable to you for any damage, except in cases where the company's liability insurance covers the damage and provided that the insurer, if applicable, approves that the payment is made. In such cases, the liability is generally limited to a maximum of the amount that constitutes the purchase price of the item or items in question. Soona Collection is not responsible for consequential damages.


The SOONA Collection is exempt from penalty for failure to fulfill a certain obligation under this agreement, if the failure is based on a liberating circumstance as below and the circumstance prevents, complicates or delays the fulfillment. As a liberating circumstance shall be considered i.a. government action or omission, new or changed legislation, conflict in the labor market, blockade, fire, flood, sabotage, major accident or other type of natural disaster. Force majeure includes government decisions that negatively affect the market and products, e.g. restrictions in indication, warning texts, sales bans, etc., abnormal decline in the market and if the company is exposed to criminal activity that affects the business.


All intellectual property rights, such as trademarks and copyrights on www.soonacollection.com belong to SOONA SWEDEN AB. Any use of www.soonacollection.com or its contents, including copying or storage of such contents in its entirety or parts thereof, other than for your own personal, non-commercial use, is prohibited without the permission of SOONA Collection / SOONA SWEDEN AB.


SOONA SWEDEN AB is registered with its registered office in Malmö community, Sweden. 

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Company registration number.: 559415-7777
VAT number: SE559415777701

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