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SOONA COLLECTION is a clothing brand that wants to embrace you with a feeling of peace and quiet. Our garments have a premium touch with their natural, durable and resistable materials. Slow and sustainable fashion as well as a good lifestyle is something we are passionate about. When you wear our garments, we want you to feel genuine, harmonious, strong and free in your mind. Free to dream and free to do exactly what you want. 

We offer durable linen garments in a timeless design that can be worn for generations.


SOONA COLLECTION was started by our founder Hanna during spring 2022. Hanna entered the fashion industry with her first clothing brand New Odd Things in 2020. As a newcomer to the industry with past career experience as purchasing manager and educator in sustainable supply chains, she was appalled at how the European fashion industry were still in a rather dirty situation with a long way to go within its sustainability work. When her co-ownership and hard work in her own sewing factory resulted in a BSCI certification (Better Social Compliance Initiative) in 2020, the idea of ​​creating her own sustainable collection of natural materials slowly began to take shape. 

A new journey with sketching and creation started for Hanna in parallel with hunting reliable suppliers for sustainable materials started and in the spring of 2022, the first SOONA collection was launched. A collection of linen clothes created for everyday comfort, convenience, freedom and harmony with sustainable natural materials closest to your body.

Our Vision

Our VISION is to contribute to reducing mental illness in the form of burnout and feelings of inadequacy that easily arise in the often stressful world we live in today. We want to embrace peace, quietness and inspire to take a little break in everyday life from time to time. To take time for a joyful moment for oneself and re-discover and see all the beautiful things we have around us. To contribute to a higher standard of living with a better balance in life.  We want to create higher awareness of the environmental impact in the fashion industry.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire to a healthy relationship with yourself when you wear our beautiful linen garments.

With our timeless Scandinavian design, our goal is to get women all over the world to press the pause button from time to time to find their balance in life. To let them fill their inner with calm, harmony, joy and self-love. We want our customers to feel free, loved, enough and with the strength to control their lives at all times. 

Our mission is simply to inspire women to a strong, healthy and healthy relationship with themselves when they wear our timeless beautiful linen garments.

I am so happy you have found us here!

I really hope you like our philosophy and maybe you even find your new favorite linen garment here. 

With the warmest regards, Hanna, Founder Soona Collection